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Tabitha and Samuel embark on an exciting adventure when a Giant Envelope appears at their window one night. The Giant Envelope is carrying a letter from Mermaid Princess Lolina asking for help after being taken by some pirates. To help rescue Mermaid Princess Lolina, Tabitha and Samuel must row across the ocean, cut through high grass, squelch through thick oozy mud and try find the fastest way to hike over the biggest mountain. And that’s not even it, they still must pass the smelly, rude pirates without getting caught. While this adventure is exciting, it is even more fun when magic is involved.

Every day, all over the world, in magical and non-magical places, people, animals and creatures get into difficulties. They might be sick, or feel lonely or upset, or something bad might have happened to them. Luckily, when they wish hard enough, a message is sent out into the air where each night a Giant Envelope flies into the sky collecting these messages to find the right help.



Taken by the Pirates: A Story from The Giant Envelope - Hardcover

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