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The Deluxe Story option is the story and activity set made for your convenience and joy. With everything you need provided and ready to use.


This includes the following items:

  • A hard copy of the story printed and bound
  • An instruction booklet printed and bound
  • 24 craft templates printed and cut (if you need extra these can be bought individually as well, please be in touch so we can organise the exact number).
  • Craft items for the craft activity
  • The Bonus Game


Everything is beautifully packed to make your experience special and magical.


The Ugly Princess is a story from the book Around the World. In this story, children will travel to Spain in a fun story exploring the culture, traditions, believes and customs. The story is based on a traditional Spanish folklore.


Backstory & Focus of Around the World

Around the World is all about exploring different countries, traditions, believes and customs. This book is to get the children discovering the world, asking questions and open up their minds to where we come from and why it is that some things are the way they are. Some of the stories are adapted from original folklore or fairy tales, made suitable for this age group and what Wonderland Interactive Storytelling is, while others have been invented often using facts, historical events or cultural references and traditions.So have fun travelling around the world and exploring countries, people, customs and secrets, while at the same time developing SEL and communication skills.


Story Synopsis

The Ugly Princess is based on a princess that apparently wasn't quite so pretty. Her father however believed she was the most beautiful girl in the whole kingdom and no one dared to say anything against the King. When it was time for the princess to marry, every man that the King thought was worthy of his daughters hand, found an excuse not to marry the princess. Find out what happens to the princess and what actually the true meaning of beauty is. Help the princess find happiness and the rest of the world discover her true beauty.

Spain: The Ugly Princess - Deluxe Story and ActivityBox

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  • Due to the nature of the product, there are no refund policies so please choose carefully.

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