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Looking at SEL through STORYTELLING

Storytelling is a huge part of our life, especially when we grow up. However, what many people don't realise is just how powerful of a tool it is to develop certain skills and really explore topics, espeically when done interactively and with active engagement. In this 60 minute Training Webinar, we will explore just how storytelling can be implemented into your classroom to develop SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) in a fun, active and engaging way. It is easy and will change the way you teach and look at books and stories. 


When: Saturday 13th of February 2021 10am AEST - 11am AEST

Which is the following time for these timezones:

New Zealand, Saturday 13th of February 12pm and

Friday 12th of February UK 11pm, NYC & Montreal 6pm, L.A. 3pm


Where: Zoom (with your purchase you will receive a link and password)

Looking at SEL through STORYTELLING

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