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The Secret Cave is a story from the book Around the World. In this story, children will travel to Easter Island exploring the culture, historical facts and believes in a combination with the Christian values and customes, playing with the name of the Island. Everything is set up so that it is ready for you to have straight away!

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The Storywhizz option and activity set offers you the following:

  • A pdf copy of the selected story
  • A pdf Instruction Booklet
  • The pdf craft template and instructions
  • A pdf Bonus Game


Backstory & Focus of Around the World

Around the World is all about exploring different countries, traditions, believes and customs. This book is to get the children discovering the world, asking questions and open up their minds to where we come from and why it is that some things are the way they are. Some of the stories are adapted from original folklore or fairy tales, made suitable for this age group and what Wonderland Interactive Storytelling is, while others have been invented often using facts, historical events or cultural references and traditions.So have fun travelling around the world and exploring countries, people, customs and secrets, while at the same time developing SEL and communication skills.


Story Synopsis

The Hanau Epe, which means long ears, and the Hanau Momoko, which means short ears, lived happily together for many decades. They respected each others ways and helped each other when ever one tribe needed an extra hand. One day however, things changed. The chief of the short ears, also known as the Ariki passed away and the new one was a cunning man who had very different values. Find out what happens when one begins to think of themselves. This can be especailly disastrous when it's around Easter and millions of children are waiting for the Easter bunny to hide some eggs. This is a fun story where the children will learn facts, work together, come up with creative solutions and explore values and actions. 

Easter Island: The Secret Cave - Storywhizz and activity set

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    Please contact the publisher if you would like more licences or you wish to share the product with you colleagues. 

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