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WINTER SEL Professiona Deveopment Sessions

The Teacher's Tricks and Guide to SEL and Wellbeing in a classroom


The key to students learning is for them to be grounded. Ground yourself and each child to improve wellbeing and a child’s academic success. This fun, interactive webinar both  demonstrates the training we do, introduces what Wonderland is and guides participants through activities, giving them a structure to centre themselves and learn how to implement this into their classroom. Only when teachers embody these skills can they pass them onto their students. The difference is massive. Come join the FREE 90 minute interactive demonstration and webinar where you are bound to leave with a few little tricks up your sleeve that you can implement straight away and understand how you can help yourself and your students while having fun.

Cost: FREE
Length: 90 Minutes
When: Saturday 6th of August 2022 8:30 - 10:00 AEST
Which is the following time for these timezones:  
New Zealand: Saturday 6th of August 10:30 - 12:00
Toronto & New York: Friday 5th of August 6:30pm - 8:00pm
L.A.: Friday 5th of August 3:30pm - 5:00pm
Where: Zoom

Strategies for Behavior Management inthe Classroom

Guest Speaker: Kathy Magnusson, Wildewood Learning


Have you ever found yourself shaking your head and asking, “What’s wrong with this child? Why does he act this way? She’s making such poor choices?” What if we asked, “What has happened to this child?” This hands-on workshop explores the basic effects of trauma (both big and small) on learning and the neuroscience of the mind-body connection. You will learn strategies that you can use to stay centered in challenging situations and address behaviors with the knowledge of brain science, stress, and stages of development to create the safety needed for real learning to occur in your classroom.

Kathy Magnusson, M.Ed., owner of Wildewood Learning

As a trainer, coach, and speaker, Kathy has worked with educators and youth service professionals worldwide. She is a licensed public school teacher, social and emotional learning specialist, and strengths-based leadership coach. She has supported young people and the professionals serving them for over 25 years. 


Kathy has a master’s degree in education from the University of Minnesota and training in adverse childhood experiences, creating trauma-sensitive resilience schools, non-violent communication, and strengths-based education and leadership. She supports education and youth service professionals in developing their own social and emotional learning skills to create positive relationships. Kathy has found that when educators and professionals are allowed to change their perceptions, a ripple effect occurs, changing the learning experience for all. Learn more and check out free resources at

Cost: FREE
Length: 90 Minutes
When: Saturday 20th of August 8:30am AEST (Melbourne / Sydney)
Which is Friday 19th of August 6:30pm EDT (New York / Toronto)
Where: Zoom

The Greatness Chair Solution

Guest Speaker: Dr Kathleen Friend MD


Dr Kathleen Friend MD, an adult and child psychiatrist, will talk to us about how to incorporate and approach SEL with Heart. She is the author of two beautiful children books, The Greatness Chair and Sarah in the Greatness Chair as well as her latest book for parents and teachers, The Greatness Chair Solution, which leads us into her new new program helping parents, children and educators bring out the best in all children. This webinar will be an absolute treat as Dr Kathleen’s experience and knowledge is so deep, nurturing and helpful that everyone will get something from it. She will show us just how SEL can be approached through the power of the heart.

Cost: FREE
Length: 60 Minutes
When: Saturday 21st of May 10am AEST (Melbourne / Sydney)
Which is Friday 20th of May 5pm EDT (New York / Toronto)
Where: Zoom

Introducing you to Overall Success through SEL and Wellbeing

Guest Speaker: Margaret Boersma


Teachers, are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed?

Are you wondering how to have your students manage their own relationships?

Margaret Boersma, founder of Creative Education in Action, will demonstrate how SEL and Wellbeing is the core of overall success. In this interactive webinar participants are introduced to:


  • Recognizing and managing stress and anxiety

  • Fun ways to teach social-emotional learning (SEL) inside your day

  • The number one thing that keeps you from reaching your goals

  • An engaging strategy that will enable your students to reach their full learning potential and free you up to teach

Cost: FREE
Length: 90 Minutes
When: Saturday 7th of May 9am AEST (Melbourne / Sydney)
Which is Friday 6th of May 4pm EDT (New York / Toronto) 
Where: Zoom
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