What is Wonderland?

Wonderland is a project aimed for students aged 3-5.  That said, the concept can also be adapted for children ages 6 and 7.  Wonderland has been created for children as a preliminary program before they are old enough to do drama classes.  It is “Interactive Storytelling”.

Wonderland is set up into different themes. Each theme focuses on something different and is made up of 10 stories. Each story comes with a craft template and a bonus game.

Wonderland develops a child’s social, listening and communication skills whilst building their self esteem. Wonderland draws out their intuitive ability to express themselves through the framework that you as the facilitator/teacher provide.

Wonderland allows children to go with you on an imaginary journey, be creative, collaboratively solve problems and have fun. It is the opportunity for children to express themselves, use their whole body and get the chance to open up in multiple ways.

Each story is:
An imaginary journey
A creative expression
An experience they won’t forget