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Under the Sea - The Seahorse

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

I think every child finds seahorses magical and beautiful. They seem to be like no other fish and the likeness to the horse have inspired many different stories and adventures for under the sea.

Enjoy the next Under the Sea activity as slowly your child/children's ocean must be becoming colourful and filling up.

I always loved working with children on projects which could be expanded on. They often come up with ideas that I never would have imagined. Under the sea I find is especially a world that is so full of possibilities and in some ways it's disappointing that I've decided to only spend a week on each theme, but then nothing is to stop your child from making more creatures or coming up with their own ideas on what else might be necessary for their water world.

All of the ideas surprise activity package are resources that I have found online. To see the other packages, go to the Blog section of this website. We are also busily working on our own product to have it ready for you as soon as possible. So to stay up-to-date, please sign-up.

Have Fun with the seahorse!!!

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