How is it run?

Wonderland is set up in three simple steps that is perfect for the younger age group. Each session generally takes about an hour, that said this can be cut down or expanded.

  1. Introduction: The Magic Box

Wonderland begins with a magic box. Together with their invisible magic wands the children must open the box:

Abracadabra, hocus pocus, simsalabim, fidibus.

Inside the box is one of the character puppets, a piece of set or a prop that accompanies the story.

Once the character, prop or piece of set has been introduced the story can begin.

  1. The Story: Interactive Storytelling

As the facilitator or teacher tells the story, the children get to act it out using facial expressions, voices and actions. In some stories, the children will have the chance to solve problems, play a certain game or create the ending. Main characters get to be played by individual children, chosen by the facilitator/teacher. When there is dialogue, the facilitator/teacher tells the story, and the child/children will then repeat the dialogue.
If the craft item in the box is a character, a child can be chosen to hold the puppet and be that character.

The stories are written with a colour code.
Writing in black is the story which the facilitator/ teacher tells.
Writing in blue are the instructions throughout the story, which the facilitator/teacher can choose to do or not, depending on what the group of students is like.
Writing in green is the dialogue, which the facilitator/teacher says first and the chosen character(s) repeat.

  1. Make it yourself: Art Time

Once the story has finished, each child will then get the chance to create the item that was in the magic box.

After finishing the craft session, I found the children love inventing their own stories with their puppet and role playing with them.

Wonderland is fun, magical, active and full of creative moments.