My personal experience with Wonderland has been that it gives shy and introverted students the chance to open up and gain confidence. It also allows students who like to be centre of attention to step back into the group, work together, listen and solve problem together. It ends up being about the story where every child plays a part.

Testimonial from a Teacher in Foundation Years:

I was lucky enough to witness the magic of Wonderland every week in my classroom during after school activities.  The school day would finish and the children would sort themselves into groups… Pick up, Music and Movement, Art…Wonderland!  “Yay”  I would hear the group cheer.  “I love Wonderland!”.  Each week, Cathrin would come in with her magic box and I watched as the children curiously awaited to hear about the imaginary journey they would experience together.  The children in the group were always from different backgrounds, ages and level of English language proficiency but, during these journeys they all found something in common.  The shy boy that would normally hesitate to speak in front of his class, became a ferocious lion; the outgoing, attention seeking child became the narrator of the story and the child who only knew a few words in English excitedly spoke in the voice of the main character.  Every child gained something from this experience.  As a classroom teacher,  I would see the children from Wonderland use their experiences they gained on their magical journey in the classroom.  They would excitedly plan and write their own imaginative stories, use more descriptive language when listening and responding to read-alouds and knew how to collaborate during group activities.  The Wonderland program enhanced the learning and met the diverse needs of many children in our school but, most importantly, the children had fun!